Become a Vendor

BCFMI Fees & Advertising

2017 Yearly Membership Fee: $20.00 (Expires March 31st)

Weekly Table Rental Fees:

6’ Table-$20.00 ($16.00 to the Servus Sports Center & $4.00 for advertising)

8’Table-$25.00 ($17.00 to the Servus Sports Center, $4.00 to general funds & $4.00 for advertising)

$2.50 per foot for personal tables, displays or racks

Christmas Market Table Rental Fees:

Regularly Attending Market Members (20 markets within the year) 8’Table-$25.00 ($17.00 to the Servus Sports Center, $8.00 to general funds)

New Members (attended less than 20 markets within the year) 8’ Table-$50.00 ($17.00 to the Servus Sports Center, $33.00 to general funds


The BCFMI provides the following general advertising using the $4.00 advertising fee collected with every table rental:

Lloydminster Morning News-1 ad every day

The Weekly Bean-1 ad every week

The Coffee News-1 ad every week

Lloyd FM Radio Ad-5 ads every Thursday

The Goat Radio Ad-5 ads every Thursday

All BCFMI members may post to the BCFMI Facebook page and use the page to promote their businesses.


Table Selection Procedure


Members without permanent spots will select their table spot on a market by market basis using a random draw system.  Members wishing to participate in the table draw process should arrive at the market 5 minutes prior to set up (10:55 am Thursday’s & 9:55 am Saturdays) and check in with Lorisa Upham.  Members will draw numbers to determine who will pick their table spot 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on.  Members who arrive after the draw will select a table spot on a first come first served basis.

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