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Flint Farm Honey
Flint Farm Honey is owned & operated by Jason and Songshan Flint. They are a small family run farm, with Jason being a 4th generation farmer. Their little honey bee operation was born a few years ago because they were going through over 1kg of honey every week! So, they thought, why not get some bees of our own! Many people have helped and encouraged them along the way and their hobby has become a thriving small business.

Flint Farm Honey hives are located a half hour drive southwest of Lloydminster, in the Paradise Valley area. They are surrounded by a wide variety of wildflowers, alfalfa & clover, which makes mild, flavourful honey. Their honey is always pure, raw, natural and unpasteurized to preserve its health benefits and that fresh from the comb taste.

Last year, after many requests they introduced their first flavored honey, Cinnamon, the response has been amazing! Many varieties have been added since then and they are continually working on more flavors. All of their flavored honey is made with pure, quality ingredients.

The Flints’ get a lot of compliments on their lip balm, hand cream and body salve-all in one cream. It contains no chemicals or fillers, all the ingredients are edible and it works miracles on dry skin and eczema.

This adventure is often challenging but they are enjoying every aspect of it, from taking care of the bees & collecting honey in the summer to bottling & selling their honey at local farmers markets year round. They are always learning and growing!

Product list:
Raw honey ~ Raw, unpasteurized liquid Honey ~ Raw, unpasteurized naturally creamed honey (always soft)
Flavoured honey: cinnamon honey~ pumpkin spice honey~ lemon honey~ peppermint honey~ lavender honey~ chocolate honey~ gingerbread honey
Buckwheat honey
Bee pollen & propolis
Bee’s wax & candles
Hand cream~ lip balm~ body salve
Bird houses ~ Bird feeders ~ Painted rocks
Facebook: J.R. Watkins Home Products
About: I started Watkins in June 2011 in a small community in BC. In a conversation with a customer, who would purchase Watkins products wherever she could find a consultant with product. I looked into the business and because Watkins is committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. It has been 3 years living in Lloydminster, SK and 3 years being part of the Border City Farmers Market. I have met so many people who became customers, friends and business partners.
KD Cloths, KD Mops
Products: Grains, flour, seed, Colloidal Silver, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Pyrophyllite Clay, Herbal Teas and Health Products
About: All grains certified organic and health promoting produts, special orders
Our beautiful lockets and charms will allow you to tell your story in a lasting piece of jewelry. Our Versa style pieces add those gorgeous statement pieces to our collection.
Microfibres ~ creating a safe haven for your home!
The Old School Cheesery is focused on providing high-quality cheeses. We specialize in daily fresh cows milk cheese curds and cheddar blocks. We also offer fresh Brie cheese and snack’n cheese packs which consist of our delicous cheese curds and fresh pepperoni sticks from Farmers Own Meats. We have a variety of flavours for both the curds and the cheddar blocks that are sure to satisfy your cheese cravings! Come and get some fresh local cheese today! You won’t be disappointed. ~Patrick & Valerie
Fragrantly scented wax bars, room sprays, car bars, scent pacs, laundry and cleaning products as well as distinctive warmers, diffusers and children’s cuddly buddies
Skyline is a family owned & operated hydroponic vegetable greenhouse. They grow for flavor using only non-GMO seeds and natural disease & pest control.
Greenhouse vegetables: tomatoes ~ cucumbers ~ lettuce ~ sweet bell peppers ~ eggplant ~ fresh herbs
Products: Fresh baking, frozen soups and casseroles, canned fruit, jams & jellies, relishes & pickles
About: Tastystuff Foods was born in the farmers markets of Saskatoon to help sell Epicure at the market. The best way to experience the spices and herbs was to taste it in real food. Keeping to the clean food philosophy, Tastystuff uses locally milled flours and market fresh product as much as possible. We maintain a low sugar and low sodium approach without compromising “taste”. We bake through the night to bring it absolutely fresh to the market.
About: Family farm business based out of Senlac, Saskatchewan
Products: Fresh Farm Eggs
Facebook: @thebrownpaperbaker
Twitter: @KornCorine
About: The Brown Paper Baker is a home based bakery committed to producing the finest quality baked goods. We use the best, whole, natural ingredients to create sweets that are beautiful, delicious and wholesome.
Fresh baking made the day before. Rose also takes orders for other stuff besides what she brings to the market. She brings buns, spinach rolls, cinnamon buns, puff wheat cake, squares, cookies, pies (6″ & 10″), butter tarts and more!
100% Pure Essential Oils ~ Toxin Free Cleaning ~ Ningxia Red (powerful super fruit beverage)
Youngevity is an omnidirect company with many shopping avenues. From its core vitamins & supplements to the amazing 100% pure essential oils. There are products to suit every person and their individual needs.
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