Become a Vendor

BCFMI Fees & Advertising

2022 Yearly Membership Fee: $20.00 (Expires March 31st, 2023)

Weekly Table Rental Fees:

6’ Table-$20.00 ($16.00 to the Servus Sports Center & $4.00 for advertising)

8’Table-$25.00 ($17.00 to the Servus Sports Center, $4.00 to general funds & $4.00 for advertising)

$2.50 per foot for extra selling space (personal tables, displays or racks) beside your table

Christmas Market Table Rental Fees:

Regularly Attending Market Members (20 markets within the year) 8’Table-$25.00

New Members (attended less than 20 markets within the year) 8’ Table-$50.00


The BCFMI provides the following general advertising using the $4.00 advertising fee collected with every table rental:

Lloydminster Morning News-1 ad every day

The Weekly Bean-1 ad every week

Local Lloyd FM Radio Ads-ads running every day of the week

All BCFMI members may post to the BCFMI Facebook page and use the page to promote their businesses.